G92 8800 GT 512mb VS. GT 440 1 gb?

My brother is doing a quick brush up to his system. It's one of the small Alienware cases, about the size of a shuttle XPS. He can't fit dual slot cards in there, only single slot.

He has a g92 8800 GT in there now, which by my understanding is about the same speed, or slightly better than the 9800 GT. Either way, he's considering an upgrade to the 440 GT 1 GB or a one-slot nVidia card in about that price range. Any options, or should he just stick to the 8800 g92?
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  1. *Laughs at your Avatar*

    Well anyways, a single 8800 GT is far better than a GT 440. So he'd be downgrading.
  2. A 8800gt is like dropping a nuke on a ant hill in the middle of no where when a GT 440 is only a puny firecracker.
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