System randomly having boot issues.

So I have been having this problem for the last couple of months but it seemed to have become a rare occurance until tonight it is playing up big time. The issue is sometimes when I turn on my pc or restart it will get to the screen AFTER the motherboard logo screen and a _ line will dash a few times and it will reset and repeat this cycle until I turn it power off from the back and unplug it for 5-10 minutes. This system is pretty new and I have had no other issues with it besides this one damn annoying problem. Can anyone maybe help me with this issue? I wish I could give you guys more info of when it happens but it just seems to be random. I notice sometimes it happens after a video card driver update? dunno if it is related.

System specs are:

i5 2500k @ stock
Crossfire 6970 2gb
1tb samsung HD
8gb gskill ripjaw ram
900watt antec PSU
p67 Gigabytemainboard.
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  1. Anyone? this issue is driving me nuts! X[
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    Sounds as if it may be a setting in the BIOS of some sort. I don't know exactly what would cause it but maybe default boot device, PS2 ports enabled when your using USB. Some device enabled on boot that is not physically there. That would be my guess if it has been doing it from the start of the build. Maybe try a BIOS update as well.

    I mean can you press any keys when the flashing cursor is there? Do any commands pop up before this cursor? How long does the cursor sit there before you power it down? Possibly a bad power supply, not giving good amps on boot up? Do the fans on heatsink, case, GPU spin up? May even be something not grounded properly or not getting a good connection.

    Just throwing ideas out there myself, from the details nothing pops out at me.
  3. Hmmm thanks for the reply. The psu is brand new and it did it with the last psu and all the fans spin etc. It is starting to look like it might be something to do with the USB or something... Come to think of it I think the restarts might have started when i got this logitech g510 keyboard. I will have to take a look through the bios settings. Anything I should look out for in particular?
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