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i've recently been having problems with my cpu fan falling of my cpu so i laid the computer on its side untill i'm able to buy more of the compound to stick it back to the cpu. I noticed before because the computer would turn off as soon as the cpu fan would fall off as not to fry the cpu i guess. I went to start the computer the other day and it wouldn't start. The lights on the front go on and the fan starts to spin but doesn't really go more then 1 rotation and that's all i get no other sounds no boot up. Is my fan dead or could the cpu be fried now. I don't have the specifics of the computer infront of me but can post later if it helps.

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  1. Start with the basics, make sure all your power cords are in correctly and firmly including the 4/8pin CPU power cable (people tend to forget that). Try and get that CPU fan mounted properly too, if it's falling off you're doing something wrong and and if it's broke then you'll just need to get another.

    Also yes it would be best to post your system specs.
  2. The cooler is not held on by the thermal compound – it will be mounted to the motherboard somehow. I don't think it is likely that the CPU is fried, but I'm not sure what it is. Do the lights go off when the fans stop? If not, then it is possible that the fan is damaged.
  3. its an A13g+ 3.0 motherboard no idea on the cpu the labels covered with the thermo gel. I checked all the cords they are still connected. I did break one of the usb ports last time it was on and the black plastic piece came out with the flash drive (dont think that would cause this though). The psu fan kicks in when I turn it on but only for a secound and the cpu fan moves like its going to start but only moves like 1 fan blade. Does this sound like its the fan broken??
  4. Sounds like it is shutting down immediately it starts. Could it be a short-circuit? (Possibly in the broken USB port, or behind the motherboard.)
  5. Try booting the system out of the case.
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