Windows 8 not showing all Memory

I have this computer that I just bought brand new:

I just purchased and installed these:

The problem?

Windows 8 reports that only 11.8GB are usable. The BIOS, Task Manager, HWinfo and everyone else reports that the system has 16GB.

I even updated to Windows 8 Pro because I thought maybe the regular version was limited to 12GB.

At this point I'm not sure what else to do, and I'm thoroughly pissed off that this doesn't work as it should, brand new out of the box.

Any ideas would be helpful. I am going on my 45th minute on the phone with HP and I can tell that this guy has no clue.

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  1. Try running the windows experience index again. Also use cpuz, a small file, and see what it reports on the ram.
  2. Windows is probably using the other 4.2 GB. Do what o1die said and download cpuz and see what it says. It sounds to me like it is working fine.
  3. Well the specs on the motherboard says it supports up to 32gb of ram so I would check each stick individually as you may have a bad stick even new it can happen. It looks like one stick is not showing up leaving you with 12gb.
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