Need a good wireless adapter

So I bought a ASUS PCE-N13 IEEE 802.11b/g/n PCI Express Wireless Adapter for my new build and I've had no luck with where I want my computer.

My iPod Touch actually can load up pages about 5 times as fast in the EXACT same spot.

Are there any wireless adapters you could recommend? I will be gaming, so I need a good one. I know wired connections will always be much better. I'm considering moving my computer downstairs to the room with the router.
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  1. forget about the wireless and move your computer so can wire it to the router. Otherwise you probably will hate life.

    have you tried changing the angle of the antennas?
    have you tried to change the wireless channel?
    raise the position of the router by elevating it.
  2. If you must have wireless, look into this:

    I have two of these on 2 different desktops, in 2 different rooms, working flawlessly for over a year! One is Vista and the other is Win7 64-bit. Each computer is about 20 feet away and the signal goes thru 3 walls. Excellent signal strength!
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