Windows 7 webcam issues

The computer in question is an Emachines EL1333G, that I bought at Wal Mart for my mother.

I'd just like for her to be able to use Skype or Yahoo messenger. So far, I've gotten four webcams, and none of them works on that computer. They all work fine on mine, running Vista, and the hubby's, running XP. The first two webcams are no-brands that I bought on Ebay based on their design and color alone, and they neither came with any software nor is any available for them online. The third one is from HeadGear, but their website has no downloads for the model that I bought. The fourth one, that I just got today, (as an act of desperation), is a Logitech c210. I downloaded the latest software for it from their website, but it still won't work.

With all four webcams I'm seeing the same things:
-In device manager it shows them as installed, and says that they have the most recent drivers installed.
-Skype says "your video is working" and pops up a window with a black screen with a grey loading circle spinning in the center of it. The loading circle never goes away and the little viewing screen stays black. When I call my husband's Skype account, it says "can't start video, try closing other programs that might be using your webcam". (It's not being used by anything else that I'm aware of.)
-Yahoo messenger acts very much like Skype. It recognizes that a webcam exists, in that I can click on the 'webcam' option, but the viewing screen is black.

At this point the only thing I can think of to do is try to reformat the hard drive and install XP. I'm thinking that would be a bit extreme if there's anything else I could try first.

My appreciation for any help, ahead of time. :)
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  1. when loading drivers for a webcam, or software like skype, etc....

    turn off the antivirus and firewall, load your software, restart the computer, and turn all the security back on.
    Your security may be blocking the drivers from properly loading, or your devices from installing. Remember this tip.

    After installing drivers and software as above, plug the webcam into a different USB, while the computer is on. This may help the computer discover a new device. After it discovers, then it will search for the new driver (that you loaded), and make the device useable.

    Also look for flashing icons in your task bar. You have to click the flashing icon, and give permission for a device or driver to be installed. The installation will freeze until you give permission.
  2. Thanks, Soundguru, but none of the "easy" solutions worked. I did a destructive recovery, (so it's returned to factory condition), and now all of the webcams work fine. :)
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