DC Subunit Failure?

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E520. I spilled a small amount of port on the keyboard 5 months ago, but that was enough. the computer soon failed to boot. I sent it to the manufacturer and they returned with a $900 repair estimate and a bruise to my ego. I decided that for that price I could learn more about how to fix these issues myself.

I have since opened up the system and found the same residue they mentioned. They did tell me the dc sub unit needed to be replaced, and at the moment all I want is the thing to turn on. So I tested the pins on the sub unit and they were receiving power when plugged in. However the rest of the motherboard was not. Hence, the rest of the system would not boot.

I am still very new at this but am wondering if I could just replace the sub unit to test the viability of the hardware. If the system turns on wonderful, if not there must be something else wrong, but I do not know where.

I am asking for the professional oppinion of this fine community. What should I do next? How can I get this thing running?

Thank you for all your help

p.s. the full specs can be found here ( http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/tech-specs/laptop/thinkpad/edge-series/e520/ )

I have the i5
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  1. Guess where you can buy the DC subunit. Looks to me it could be motherboard as well and they are the only ones that sell it. (try ebay)
  2. I found the part here: https://www-304.ibm.com/shop/americas/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/default/OrderItemDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=260785&catalogId=-840&dualCurrId=73&krypto=X1f2oDXZS%2FCQTW5guuPdSa4MU5uWW07G&ddkey=https:AddByPartNumber

    But I am really just trying to trouble shoot. Do people every borrow parts to test? would that be possible?

    Do you know if there are ways to further test the dc subcard or motherboard to figure out where the power transfer failure truly is?
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