Best Motherboard for i7 3930K

Decided to build a new machine around i7-3930k. I plan to use the machine for the next 5 years possibly with minor upgrades. So i want to pick a motherboard which will be extensible enough to serve me in the long run.

I will use photoshop, Premiere Pro, lightroom, capturenx2 etc. quite heavily and will be using RAID0. Since I am planning to OC, the mobo should be able to provide good support for it. I am planning to go with 32GB of RAM, but could go with 64GB if that makes a difference (and dont cost arm and leg). Any recommendation on the memory (1600 vs 1866) would be great too (newegg link?).

So far i have decided with the following components and basically need reco for the rest

processor: i7-3930
Cooler: H100

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    ASUS is a great brand, go with the sabertooth or the pro something. if you got the cash go for the rog one
  2. Thanks for the input Tavo_Nova. Savertooth looks like a fine choice but I am also okay with spending a little more if needed. Which ROG are you pointing to (Extreme, formula, Gene)?
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  4. asus rampage IV Extreme or t's battlefield 3 coutnerpart
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