Can I use my 560 ti with my psu? NEED HELP

My 560 ti just came and I need to know if this:


is okay to use with my EVGA 560 ti sc ??????? Please help
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  1. no its not.
  2. Please give me more information than just no?
  3. So...
    you have two 12 volt rails

    One is 14 Amps
    The other is 13 Amps

    The EVGA 560 Ti needs 30 Amps
    You only have 27 Amps... So no it won't work.

    Your PSU rates 500 Watts because much of the wattage is dedicated to the 3.3V and 5V rails. Usually this indicates a poor quality build as it is inexpensive to put the power where it is generally not needed.
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