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Help with the Z77 Extreme4 and trying to go wireless

Hi. I built my first rig using the Z77 Extreme 4. Unfortunately, I overlooked that it only has a port to directly connect the LAN cable for the internet. I guess I made a newbie mistake there.

I was talked into picking up a Netgear N900 Wireless Dual Band USB adapter from a salesperson at my local electronics store. That device, whenever I try to install the software, does not recognize my OS (Windows 8). I have gone to the Netgear site and they seem to be having problems of their own when it comes to downloading any sort of updates. I see the windows 8 updated, but I am unable to download anything.

Is there another option to hooking my pc into my wireless? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    No. A different adapter that supports Windows 8 ?
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