I7-960 Running Hot OEM CPU Fan

I built my own machine last month and I am noticing the CPU temperature is 50-60c+ my fan controlling software then kicks up the CPU fan and my computer starts roaring like a beast. I am using the fan that came with the CPU and the reviews say the CPU fan is not good at all. I am not overclocking my CPU and I don't plan to.

Why is it running so hot and why aren't my case fans helping? My case fans are turned up all the way.

I was thinking I would reseat the CPU fan (which I already did once since the first install). The thermal paste was pre-applied and doesn't seem to be doing any good. Should I apply some of my own thermal paste?

I don't really want to dive into liquid cooling. Should I get a different CPU fan? Would it make a difference if I did?
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  1. Buy a After market cooler that will do just fine, Hyper 212+ will do fine.

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