How to install dual sli on msi gd65

hello guys, im gonna build up a new system with a 2500k,msi p67 gd65,8gb 1333 cl9 corsair ram, 2xgtx570...

my problem now is, that i dont know how to prepare my system/bios for the sli mode (does dual sli run with 2 570? because they have 2 sli connectors --->triple sli , but i just need dual sli). thx for help :)
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  1. Nvidia has an SLI guide on their website i believe. And yes you can dual 570 sli.
  2. thank you very much ;)
  3. There shouldn't be anything to set in BIOS just install cards and drivers, enable SLi via the Nv control panel and go.
  4. okay ty very much :) i got another question ;) i want to OC my cpu and i need a good cooling for that... i'va chosen the "Arctic Cooling Freezer 13"... but now i dont know if it will fit in my case. i got the sharkoon rebel9 pro value edition... and i also dont know if it will block my ram or something other. i know that this another topic but i didnt want to open a new thread/topic ;)... thx for ur help
  5. thats a full atx should fit just fine......
  6. yeah but i got a 25cm fan at the side of my case, thats why i asked.. it takes like 3,5 cm to the inside of the case
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