Msi gtx 560 ti hawk vs msi hd 6950 TF III

I am building a new pc with
coolermaster 912 plus
intel 2500k
8gb ram 1600
coolermaster silent pro gold 800 watt
MSI P67A-GD65 B3 (s1155, P67, DDR3)

i will game at 1920x1080, i consider sli/cf for a future upgrade and overclocking too but i havent done it before..., i dont care for physx or 3d at the moment so i dont have a preferense for nvidia, i will probablt play bf3 and i have a problem with noise i like silent cards.

Now the real question and problem, i live in Greece and here the prices are a bit different so the msi 560 cost around 250 Euros and the 6950 around 280-300 Euros. Depending at these price ranges what do you suggest? I read at the charts that msi hawk is a bit faster or slower depending on the game from Asus 6950 direct CUII,witch cost the same as the 560 but asus is not an option because its a 3-slot card and removes the cf option in the future...
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  1. If you are definitely going to Xfire in the future, go with the 2gb 6950 without a question. While SLI is a good option as well, the AMD 6900 cards scale much better, thus you will receive much higher performance with AMD.

    Since you have already stated that you don't care for Physx or 3D, only two things Nvidia has going for it, it should be no brainer. AMD cards all the way.
  2. The 6950 is a splendid card. That version may also be un-lockable to a 6970, a huge bonus, I did it myself with mine. I'd go for somthing like the msi twinfrozr 2/3 (not sure which) 6950, its a great card with a great cooler, but again, not sure about unlocking it. The DirectCU2 is only, really for extreme overclocking, which you probably won't do. and anyway, the twinfrozor 2/3 overclocks great anyway. hope this helps.

    sorry for the random "T" on my first reply.
  3. thx for the answers , really helpfull
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