Are my temps wrong?

Okay so lets give you guys a brief overview of what I am running.

CPU: AMD phenom II x6 1055T @stock speeds 700mhz idle - 2.8ghz full load.
CPU cooler: Zalman 9900A
Motherboard: Asus M4A785TD-V EVO
Ram: 2x4GB Patriot 1600mhz
GPU: AMD 5850
Case: Coolermaster HAF X [ 2x 200m exhaust, 200/230m intake, 140m exhaust fans]
PSU: 850W coolermaster silent pro

Basement room, sub 20C temperatures, PC sitting on my floor(sub floor with tile+laminate flooring over top)

So here is a screenshot of my temperatures using CPUID HWmonitor / CoreTemp / Speccy

So I am wondering if maybe my motherboard has a temperature correction to account for variances? or can my temperatures be correct?

NOTE: Don't forget than when I am idle my CPU is @700mhz and that I have a pretty beefy heat sync on there.
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  1. Anything under ambient is suspect! What does your BIOS report?
  2. BIOS and PC probe say 30c which would be more plausible, but why would all of the temperature monitoring programs best recommended by PC enthusiasts be reading almost 20 degrees Celsius cooler than my temps actually are?
  3. Third party software is not always 100% calibrated for all motherboards and wrong readings are not uncommon.
  4. Sometimes the software monitoring programs won't pick up the temperature or voltage readings properly on certain motherboards. If you haven't updated to the latest BIOS revision, doing that may fix your temp readings on the software monitors. Another possibility is your core temperature sensors are bad, but the package sensor is fine, so BIOS and PC probe would pick up 30 celsius from the package sensor. If the core temp sensors are bad, there isn't much you can do about that, all you can do is try not to exceed the specification for the package temperature offered by AMD, which I believe is 62 celsius on that CPU.
  5. Ok cool so a more accurate reading of my temp is most likely with PC probe, because it reads the same as what i was getting from the BIOS?
  6. I would think so!
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