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How do I make 2 Screen work with 6850^? Is it true that I cant use 2 DVI to VGA adapter to run 2 screen?
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  1. Quote:
    just plug 2 cables...

    Both my monitors only support VGA sadly...
  2. Quote:
    just use the 2 outputs on the card, analog or digital, u should be able to get displays on both screens

    Sorry do u mean i have to convert my video to analog setting? If so how do i do it?
  3. Also from what i heard. The 6850 has a DVI-I port which support both analog and digital. And a DVI-D port which supports only Digital.
  4. My point is. How do i achieve it? To run VGA on DVI-D
  5. No no i already have the adapter. But it cant be detected
  6. But is there a specific DVI-D to VGA adapter? Or is it possible that the DVI to VGA adapter i am using it a DVI-I adapter?
  7. Quote:
    are u saying using 1 DVI-VGA works, but they cant work simultaneously ?

    Yes. I have always been using the Main VGA screen connected to the DVI-I (First DVI slot on TOP) port

    Yesterday, I bought another DVI-VGA adapter. I plug this VGA monitor into this adapter and plug it into the DVI-D(Second DVI slot BELOW)port
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