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New PC Help (Computer turns on but no BIOS)

Last night I got all the components for my new PC (New case, everything).

As I was putting the CPU in, I had everything lined up perfectly, and I still needed to use some force to get the clasp down over it. Aside from that, everything went in smoothly. I went to turn it on, the whole thing comes on, however the DVD drive doesn't come on (Nor does the GPU fan, but I knew that cause I needed to get a 4pin molex adapter for it).

Anyway, I got the adapter today, and unplugged everything (Since I was going into the PC) to check the processor to make sure I didn't damage it (I didn't, all the back pins looked fine). I plugged everything back together (Noticing I missed a plug to the motherboard, near the processor) and turned the PC back on. It came on, with the DVD drive working this time.

My problem now is the computer doesn't seem to be booting. I get no BIOS screen, nothing. I'm afraid that maybe either the HDD is DOA or I did indeed damage the Processor when I was putting it in. Any help anyone good give would help out, It's been awhile since I put together my own PC (Opting for Macs, but I've gotten fed up with the lack of games, haha.)

The system is as follows:
ASUS 23.5" Monitor

p67 Fatal1ty Motherboard

Smilodon Raidmax Computer Case with a 500W PSU

nVidia 550 GXT Graphics Card

Core i5 1155 Quad-Core Intel Processor (3.1ghz)

2x4GB 240-pin DDR3 1333 Ram

1TB Sata 3 6gb/s

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  2. Thanks for that link, I was able to get my PC running! I ended up getting a motherboard speaker and plugged it in, and was able to assess that it was stopping at the HDD (Forgot to put the DVD drive on master)
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