Motherboard Compatibility With 2 Graphics Cards

I have an ASRock Z77 Pro3 motherboard and I have a Sapphire HD 7770 GHZ Edition Overclocked graphics card and I was wondering if I bought another of the same model of graphics card if my motherboard would be compatible with 2 of them? Tell me if you need any more information, any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. iirc the pro3 is x16/x4. You would get better performance with something like an extreme 4 that is x8/x8. Why not sell the 7770 and get a 7870/660?
  2. I would rather is possible to get another of the same one.
  3. Sorry I don't really see how that relates to what I'm asking?
  4. It's about performance. Depending on your PSU, the board probably does support Crossfire with 7770. Will the performance gain justify the spent money?
  5. Why does it depend on the PSU?
  6. For Crossfre you'll need a 700 - 800W PSU with 2 PCIe power connectors. AMD recommends minimum 600W.
  7. Well I have a Corsair TX-750 V2 750W Enthusiast Series Power Supply. So that's fine... I am just wondering if it would work and if so what performance increase (if any) would I get?
  8. If 30 days return policy is available, buy the card, test it in Crossfire and if happy, keep it.
    Some more tests:
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