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hi folks
i am facing a weird problem, i am using xfx 5830 just bought 2 months back. The issue problem i am facing is not a big problem but still i want to solve the issue
the problem i am facing is when ever i turn on my Room light my lcd screen or my HDTV screen gose black for a sec and then the display came back every time when i ever i open my Room light or turned it of it happend. Even if any other room as well
some where i read its the driver issue of ati. Please help me out and guide me how to solve this issue wait for ur replys folks
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  1. It sounds like you have an over loaded home circuit. Try using a different wall outlet for the TV or computer, in other words split up whats plugged in one outlet.
    Edit; What I mean by split is to find two outlets on two circuits controlled by two separate circuit breakers.
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