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Hello everyone,

First off, not really sure where this question(s) fit in. But it's sort of a graphics card issue.

I'm interested in buying the following (slightly used) system:


Graphics: Intel GMX x4500 HD
HDD: 1000GB Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TH
RAM: 4GB ADATA gaming series (240-pin 2000MHz PC-16000)
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E6700 3.2GHz 2MB cache, 12 Bus, 1066MHz, 64-bit

It's not the best machine every build, I know. But it will do, I think. Playing League of Legends, CS etc.

My only problem is the graphics card. It's working and all, but (also by reading stuff in this forum) I've gathered that it kinda sucks. Generally everything onboard sucks, ey?

Aaaaaanyways, my question then becomes: Will this shuttle XPC be able to contain a dedicated graphics card? And what should I buy? It's pointless to get the most expensive one, as the other components will then be 'holding it back'. Bottleneck, if you will.

So, a graphics card that'll be able to physically fit into the Shuttle XPC and something thats up to par with the rest of the stuff.

Hope to get a lot of really great answers - thanks in advance!


Simon aka jpg
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  1. the best card i for its price is the radeon 6670 heres a link . but theres one problem i dont know if it fits so you might have to start a new thread or get info to find out
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