Burning smell from PSU after motherboard changed?

Hi, I just changed my motherboard as the old one ws having issues with the usb ports and couldn't run ddr3 etc. The new board is an asrock 775 socket board. I have 8gb ram, q6600 processor and I put in my ol g9600 g graphics card. All seemed fine until I loaded up skyrim and played for 15 mins on high settings. I noticed a burning smelll nd shut the pc down. After abit of sniffing it seems it's coming from the PSU. The q6600 cores are running at around 43 degrees, the gpu max temp was 64 degrees under load. The psu didn't smell with the old motherboard! Any ideas? Could the PSU be on the way out? I didn't change the case or PSU when replacing the motherboard etc.. Thanks
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  1. Yes. They can fail at any time, even better ones. It's a good time to replace it. I'm getting newegg promos every day right now. You can get a decent 500w unit from corsair, antec, or ocz for around $50-60 before rebates or promo codes.
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