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Dear friend,

I have a PC configured by ASUS M@N68-AM-SE2 motherboard with inbuilt Nvidia geforce 7025/n force 630a graphics. My processor is AMD 7750 dual core.

Please advice me about the best graphic card for my PC.

Waiting for answer..........
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  1. What's your PSU ( power supply unit ) ?
    You already have an inbuilt card ( 7025 ), but if you want to add a discrete GPU, then what's your budget ?
    Also state the brand and model no. of the PSU that you have. :)
  2. I have HCL SMPS 250W but if my GPU needs to upgrade it I will do that.Please tell me all supported graphics card for this motherboard. My budget is Upto Rs. 6000.
  3. You will have to upgrade to a better power supply. Your budget is rs. 6000.. hm.
    If you only want one graphics card without having the option to sli or crossfire(two of the same graphics cards) you should have around 550 watts. I would take a 600 watt power supply just in case.
    Before I answer what graphics card would fit you best, please tell me what resolution you would play on, and how many monitors (if more than one). Thanks.
  4. What currency is rs?
  5. Hi

    I have a Dell XPS 420 with a 850 watt power supply.

    Im struggling to find the best graphic card with HDMI.

    What do you suggest ?

    It's the Indian currency, 'Ruppees'.

    Sorry, but if you want to ask your question, you should make a thread of your own. Don't ask questions in another member's thread, as it can be a way of highjacking.

    What sort of games are you thinking of playing and at what resolution ? You need to provide us with these details before I can suggest you a good GPU or PSU.
  7. Thanks for replying...

    Actually I want to play all new games like Harry Potter 6, Modern warfare 5, GTA 4, prince of persia all version. Now My screen resolution is at monitor 1024*768 maximum.

    Pls tell me the supported graphics card (Prefer Nvidia).
  8. You should probably upgrade that PSU before buying a good card.
    Spend a few bucks on a new one. How much are you willing to pay for a newer PSU ?

    For Rs.6000, I'd recommend a HD 6670. Sorry, but there aren't much NVIDIA cards out there that can compete with it. Also, you wouldn't have to pay too much for the PSU, since it's the best performing card out there that doesn't need an external pci-e connector.

    It can do well at that resolutions and beyond, so you're good with it. :)
  9. ****THANKS FRIEND****** PROBLEM SOLVED*******
  10. Glad to be of help. :)
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