8150 cpu fan noise

Hey everyone, so I have been trying to get to the bottom of this since I installed my new processor.
My current rig
amd 8150
zalman 9700 heatsink
sapphire 6970
ocz 700mxsp (just upgraded to xfx 750 core :)
my fan speeds and cpu usage are going crazy during idle basically
forcing my cpu fan to increase and be really loud, this is despite low temperatures still.
My temps are between 20-40 no higher, this would not even cause the fan to speed up much at all when I had my old phenom installed.
Has anyone else had this issue? I am using amd cool and quiet but I have tried disabling it and same result. I have tried disabling the auto fan control in the bios, same result.
Before this turns into a flame war! I really like my 8150 and I managed to pick it up dirt cheap! thats why I didnt go with the 1090t before you ask!
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  1. Double check that you have good contact between the Zalman and the 8150. You may have too much thermal compound, or a bubble keeping them apart.
  2. Yeah checked mate, everything seems fine and temps are really really low, way lower than my overclocked phenom used to be! the cpu usage just keeps jumping up and this increases the temp, but not to a degree that the fan should increase speed.
    But its jumping up when idle and under no strain whatsoever.
    I have ran prime 95 for hours and hours with no errors, ran stability test using amd overdrive and everything seems fine no faults or errors. Benchmarked the computer and cpu scores all seem fine. Its really weird
  3. What mobo are you using?
  4. gigabyte 990fxa-ud7 :D (also got this for a steal :)
  5. Hey, have you installed a fan controller or have you got any software on your computer which could control the fans?
  6. no fan controller installed, I use cool n quiet (I kno I know! but I pay alot for electric here so need to save where I can.) one thing I did notice is the zalman only has a 3 pin fan connector where the monitor takes a 4 pin. Make a difference?
  7. Yes it does, you need a 4 pin fan, just buy yourself a Hyper 212+ there cheap enough and it will solve your noise problem.
  8. why is that? I never had that issue on my old board and that had a 4 pin connector
  9. As far as i know most modern MB rely on PWM (Pulse-width modulation) to accurately control fan speeds.
  10. Because the 4-pin (PWM) connector/HSF will allow the motherboard to regulate the speed of the fan higher or lower as the temperature changes. With the 3-pin fan and no fan controller, the fan runs at 100% all the time.
  11. But mine is speeding up and slowing down based on the cpu temp
  12. Yes excessively, due to the fact that it does not have the fine pulse modulation cable that is on a 4 pin connector, which allows the mobo to control the fan in small gradual increments according to the CPUs load.
  13. dacca said:
    But mine is speeding up and slowing down based on the cpu temp

    Are you sure it isn't your GPU fan spinning up/down? Your Zalman is likely at 100% all of the time without the FanMate (I think that is what Zalman calls them) controller attached.
  14. ah possibly that then yeah.... I remember now actually I used to use a front control panel for cpu fan. Right then, so in that case, why is my graphics card spinning up when idle?
  15. I would imagine you don't have good airflow and it is heating up inside your case so the GPU spins up the fan to cool it down.

    Make sure your front fans are pulling cool air into the case and that your rear/top fans are sucking hot air out of the case. Also, rearrange any obstructions (as possible) from interfering with your airflow.
  16. Hey dude, Gpu is sitting no higher than 40 degrees idle, I have a 25 cm front fan on full constantly, I have a 25cm side fan and 12cm rear fan. The case temp at idle is around 27 degrees.
  17. What are your measured GPU temps at idle and under load? Dude?
  18. dudette? erm, under full load its 73 degrees and idle its around 38-40
  19. Temps are good. I am a "dude", just not one of those things folks say very often.

    Back to your problem. Is your mobo BIOS up to date?

    I have a FX-8150 in a Gigabyte mobo along with a HD6970 and see nothing like you are seeing. Have you tweaked the GPU via Catalyst at all?
  20. You could remove the side of your case for a while to see if that makes a difference. You can also listen to various fans individually by finding an old cardboard tube from a toiletpaper roll, and pointing it from your ear to each component in the machine (no joke this works well)
  21. Its seems to definitely be the gpu fan that is doing it. (I use dude all the time) nope not tweaked anything, gpu at stock clock and voltage (cpu overclocked but tried while stock voltage and same result). The reason I thought it was my cpu is because I noticed that there were spikes when it happened while monitoring it through amd overdrive. On a side note did you know that there are 2 hotfixes for bulldozer fx cpu's now to help with single threaded performance? downloaded them today, noticed some general increases in speed but not really tested it yet.
  22. Anyone? this is starting to drive me a bit crazy now!
  23. I currently have the fan speed set to manual at 20% and it is still increasing by itself :(
  24. Set to auto and remove the side cover and run you rig. Does it still spin up/down randomly?
  25. its not randomly, its every single time the cpu temp increases, without fail mate.
    I have taken the side off and yup its still the same
  26. ive actually started another thread about this now, the motherboard is for some reason recognizing the gpu fan as the cpu fan.
    Now to figure out how to stop it!
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