295gtx to p5n-e-sli

hi all
i have gtx 295 in my asus p5n-e-sli motherboard.
when i am playing borderlands 2 or ghost recon, my pc start extreme lag for about 5 sec each minute. I hear strange noises and something like that while lag.
i have disabled one of gpu's processor and than everything is ok, but performance is much less.
i am using latest nvidia drivers (tried others but still same things)
my psu is 800w

so maybe it is my motherboard? is it powerfull enough to give all, what my gtx 295 should give to me?
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  1. Don't change boards; it's not worth it. Wait for a proper upgrade of the cpu/board/ram. I'm off this week, just scanning the black friday ads waiting for bargains. Newegg and amazon should have plenty.
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