Sandy Bridge Z68 BSOD

I am recently build new Sandy Bridge rig. I have intalled Windows 7 SP1. System working fine. But sometime BSOD happend.
I diagnoses HDD, Memory, CPU, everythings. All passed in test. Error messege show me: 0_00000024 Google tells me, it is ntfs problem. I reinstalled OS again. But same. Also some software doesn't installed. Shows me error msg. Please help me. give me some advice... Thank you. I didn't overclock any of parts. Except Memory, Default Memory clock 1333MHz, I changed to 1600Mhz.
My system: Asus P8Z68-M pro, Intel Core i5 2500k, Corsair Vengence 8GB RAM, WD 750 caviar black, Antec 550W PSU,
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