Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D2V - Unable to use graphics cartd

I just purchased this mobo (and a Pentium G860 and some RAM). I also put it my old Radeon 4850, yet when I connect the monitor to the 4850, nothing happens - I can only get display using onbard Gfx.

I've been in the BIOS and amended the default video to "PEG", to no avail. I don't want to entirely disable the integrated graphics because I'll then be stuck with nothing and have no option but to use a CMOS reset.

Any ideas? The card is plugged in correct, fan is working, and lights up OK when I switch machine on.
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  1. Hi, In a similar post (although different graphics card and motherboard), the issue has been solved by a BIOS update.
  2. The current BIOS version is the latest one.
  3. Other possible causes:
    -faulty PCie slots (motherboard issue or CPU socket bent pins),
    -extra standoffs shorting the motherboard
    -graphics card not installed properly
    -faulty graphics card
  4. I checked the CPU pins when I purchased the motherboard, and they are fine. The card is installed OK, and lights up briefly red when I power on (I assume it would flash or not light up if it was not connected properly). The card worked perfectly on my previous motherboard.

    I've tried re-seating the 4850, to no avail.

    If I could get hold of a different Gfx card and try that, then I could isolate whether the motherboard is the cause or not..
  5. im the same with the same mobo.. different graphics card..I have been told bios updates and change the order int the bios to pci-e 1st but nothing works so far..I suggest a compatible 3.0 generation card, but if i get any answers i will give you a shout
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