WRT55AG - Linksys router upload broken?

When I plug directly from the modem to my PC, I don't have a problem. Upload speeds are fine.

However, when I run from the modem to my linksys router (WRT55AG) and then plug my PC into that (or connect wireless), then I have an issue with my upload speed. It is causing issues (considerable wait time) browsing facebook and message forums whenever I am taking an action that is sending information to the website (such as clicking "like" or uploading images, submitting messages to a forum).

When I run a speedtest.net against the closest/recommended server (Seattle), then the download comes back fine (somewhere between 3-10mbps. The upload, however, takes forever to even start clocking and then winds up at 0.01 mbps.

The very weird thing is that if I run the test against different servers, I will get results that are in 'normal' range for upload.

I am a networking noob, and the folks at Clear couldn't fix it (they more or less stopped trying after we connected the modem directly and it worked fine).

Looking for expert advice / opinions. What could cause this, and how do we fix it?


Appreciate any advice.
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  1. Also, want to add that I've flushed the DNS, am not infected with a virus (ran multiple scans to confirm clean).
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