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Upgrading motherboard to...?

At the moment I have a EVGA 123-LF-E653-KR (P55 LE) ( ) and I'm looking to upgrade to a new motherboard. At the moment I'd to move my auzen x-fi forte 7.1 sound card ( ) over to this new motherboard as well as my GTX 670, i7 CPU, and 12gb of Corsair Vengene RAM.

Any recommendations for a new motherboard?
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    No. If the board still works, continue using it. 1156 is dead; boards are scarce; better to get a new 1155 combo this week if you live in the usa; lots of deals out there especially on boards. Sell your old 1156 combo for half the original price on craigslist or anandtech to move it quickly and apply the funds towards a new 1155 setup.
  2. Here's three 1155 boards at newegg; the evga boards only work with sandy bridge cpus such as the 2500k (no bios update for ivy bridge is available):
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