PowerColor HD 6790 Max Allowable Temperature

How will I know the max allowable temperature of my PowerColor HD 6790. Max allowable temperature is not available at the manufacturer's website.
Thank you in advance
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  1. The temperature under heavy game stress for the R6790 load stabilized at roughly 65 Degrees C only.
    The generic rule under load is that everything under 65 Degrees C would be fantastic. In-between 65 and 85 degrees is a normal temperature. Anything passing 85 Degrees C we simply feel is over the top.

    Obviously your PC has an effect on load temperature, please make sure your PC is well ventilated at all times, this will help you improve the overall GPU temperatures.

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  2. my powercolor hd6790 reached 89 deg C at gpu#3. The other temperature is only at 82+. GPU#1 & GPU#2.
  3. The highest temp you're reading is probably the vrm temperature. 82 degrees isn't dangerous but still getting warm, so maybe try to increase fan speed, and case airflow if that doesn't work. vrm temp is good to around 100, but I would try to get that temp down a little as well if all possible.
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