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Recently I saw a dual gpu 6870. I am running a 6870 in my current rig. Would I be able to run the dual gpu variant in xfire? The clock rate and memory rate are the same so from my little knowledge on the subject I would think it would be fine. Anybody have any exp or knowledge on the subject?
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  1. Yes you can run it in, but you will have to use the 6870x2 in the primary top slot. Good luck with it.
    And you will need a PSU that can handle 3 GPU's like a good quality 850w or higher.
  2. Thank you sir! I'm not sure if I will go with that set up or if I will just get another reg. 6870.
  3. FYI thats what you'd call a tri-fire system.......and id go a lil heavier duty than 850......find a 1000watter with many available amps......

    and yes......it would kick much arse!!!
  4. I'm not sure what I'm going to run as of now. I will most definitely upgrade the psu. Do you think that getting a new 6870 or dual gpu 6870 will be outdated or behind the curve?
  5. Reading this Radeon HD 6950 CrossfireX review shows charts with multi-GPU's performance results. A pair of 6870s is a viable option for you and will give excellent frame rates in games past, present and future.
    Tri-fire might be overkill, but kick a-s. As for out dated goes, the pace of tech now a days ----- but you know the rest.
    In my opinion you should be good with crossfire for a couple years.
    Oh an the link; http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-6950-crossfirex-review/
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