3 slots not working, could bent cpu be causing?

My Asus motherboard died after a year so I got an Msi to replace it because I had one that lasted 5+ years.
When taking out the CPU (amd1090t) I bent some pins slightly because the heat sink was stuck.
I was able to bend them back and get it seated in the new board.
My new motherboard is awesome except only one of four memory slots work.
No bios just 3 beeps when starting.
Tried all different combinations with different sticks.
Its been running for 4 days and crashed once the first day but that was after windows put it to sleep. It hasn't crashed since I changed windows to not sleep.
I cannot return the motherboard because I do not think I can get the cpu out without killing it. The heat sink was glued to it and I was lucky to even get it off.
I'm happy with the performance.

Here are my questions:
Could the bent pins be causing the memory slots not to work or is it a defective board?
I don't want to buy a new cpu because I am broke.
Everything is working but can this be damaging the motherboard?
I don't want to buy a cpu and have the slots still not working.
Is this a ticking time bomb?

Thanks in advance for reading this.
Appreciate any advice on what I should do.
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  1. Hi, It depends on the pins contact. Hard to say what will happen, but keeping the board at default settings will definitely help.
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