Would this fan configuration be effective in the NZXT Phantom?

OK I was thinking about getting this case plus two extra fans.. a 200mm fan for the side (it's the one with 90 CFM. I believe the top one is higher like 160 cfm) and a front 140mm..

I want more intake than exhaust for a positive pressure system (less dust)..

top, rear, PSU would be exhausts
side x 3, front would be intake

It seems like because of the power of the top 200mm fan that I'd have more exhaust than intake...

I was thinking of switching the two 200mm fans? have the more powerful one on the side..
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  1. The PSU's airflow should be separate from and unrelated to the airflow of the rest of the case. It should pull from the bottom and exhaust out the back.

    I support just getting the front one. I think you'll have enough pressure already with the two side fans you've got.
  2. those are only around 47cfm each while the top is around 166..
    about the PSU, what do you mean the bottom? like the bottom air of the case?
  3. The PSU's fan should be facing downward. It will pull air from the hole/screen in the bottom of the case, from directly above the floor. There should be no airflow between the PSU and the rest of the case.
  4. i just do the maths of cfm in and cfm out, remember to calculate for the psu fan in the out flow fans total combined cfm if your case doesnt seperatly feed it with its own draw hole. aim for +15cpm as that will take care of any variance up to around 10% leaving a slightly positive pressure... if you use a + preasure then you will need filters on your fans...
  5. This is a Phantom, hexit. It's got a PSU hole.
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