Help My CPU went to 144C randomly again?!?!

Now for the second time my CPU temperature has jumped up to 144C on one of my Cores. I have an AMD Athlon II x3 455 and I am using Coretemp to monitor my temperatures. For some reason, on coretemp my CPU frequency was at like 9999.33 MHz but when I check it through CPU-Z they are at there normal 3315.1 and my voltage is at 1.376, so is my voltage ok? I think it is coretemp but Im not sure so what do you suggest? Oh and I have never overclocked or done any thing of that sort through the BIOS and I have an aftermarket cooler , Zigmatek GAIA SD1283, So is there anything I should do to help? Could it have been a misreading or did it actually go to that high of a Temperature? Like I said this is the second time and they were both at the exact same temperature.
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  1. sounds like the software just has bad readings.
  2. Use hwmonitor, coretemp screws up a lot.
  3. So does HWMonitor.
  4. If things sound to unreasonable to be true, than there is a "slight chance" they aren't.

    I personally had no issues with Speedfan, ever.
  5. just a heads up, using core temp my pc did that once only it jumped from 30c to 90-95 c in a matter of seconds when i was just surfing the web,since uninstalling and using hw monitor ive had no issues like this. i know coretemp wasnt just showing a high temp as well because my cpu fan kicked on high and i could feel the heat come from my case
  6. Its either the software or the actual sensor. Your CPU isnt at 144c, you would know.
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