Amd phenon2 x3 high idle temps.

Hey all, i was just wondering if i could get some feedback on an issue i have been having. Lately my phenom2 x3 has been pretty high in temps at idel and even pusing near 60c under load. It was overclocked to 3.4ghz with 16x multiplier and fsb set to 230 with voltage at 1.3125.

Im using cpuid hardware monitor to look at the temps but this is where i get confused. In the monitor it tells me that my cpu temp is at 50c idle right now even though i reverted back to stock clock settings. However cpuid also tells me that my core temps are around 32-35c idle for all 3 cores.

So basically im just wondering whats happening here, which temps i should be looking at as a reference to the actual heat of the cpu because the cooler i have is a TT spinq with arctic silver 5 so the temps shouldnt be this high.

Any help with this would be great.
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  1. Those temps aren't bad at all. It really depends on where you live, also as5 takes a few days to set in so i wouldn't really worry. Also try hw monitor for your temps.
  2. thanks for the reply, i didnt to as5 took a few days so il see what the temps are like over the next few days, also i am using hw monitor. As for where i live, im in an airconditioned house where the ambient temp is 25c and humidity is 55%. And at the time of this post, my idle cpu temp reading is 50c and the 3 cores are all 33c.

    The only reason im worries is because its very cold inside and the cpu is still reaching 50c on stock clocks.
  3. also just to add a comparison, my oc's 6850 is running at 34c idle, and that thing has increased voltage and is clocked at 950core and 1190 mem.
  4. Those are perfectly fine atm, wait a few days then post back with your temps. I think the cure time for as5 was like 96 hours or something like that :S
  5. in my experience AMD's just run hot. but those are by no means dangerous temps.
    didn't accidently get a bubble in your as5? or cooler not sitting flush on the chip? basic things you probably checked but sometimes it can be the simple things
  6. i checked for bubbles before i put the cooler on, i used a little shovel like applicator that i got with some other compound. It never used to run this hot, i had as5 on it before but that was a year old so i decided to change it, and since i changed it the heat has risen, before it was around 38-40 in idle
  7. Sounds like too much paste if the temperature is higher than before the new paste was applied.
  8. maybe, but the ammount of put on this time was quite small, it was almost see through.
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