Budget graphics card to play graphics intensive games 1366x760 resolution at hig

i am planning to assemble a pc this week. My config. Is
Core i5 2400
Motherboard:Intel dh67vr
G,skill ddr3 1600 mhz 4gb ram
Seagate baracuda 500 gb sata hdd
Gigabyte superb 460w psu
And with everything like a 19" monitor,stock cooler,mouse,keyboard,ups and etc its costing me around 30000 INR(666$). I am really confused as to which gpu i should buy as my budget is only 6000rs(130$) and i wil be playing graphics intensive games like gta 4, s.t.a.l.k.e.r at 1366x760 on max settings. After a lot of googling, i am considering sapphire hd 6750. Please enlighten me with some cards around my budget and their performance.
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  1. that wont be able to play smoothly on max settings neither will the one i suggest but you should get the his 6790 . however the gtx 6790 can run gta 4 at 25 fps on very high settings .
  2. Maybe buy a GTX 460 if you can. Or a 6850 or 6870 but it will be more expensive than $ 130
  3. AMD Radeon 6770 is in your budget and it will do fine at 1366x760
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