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Hello- My sound disappeared a while back and I'm just getting around to repairing it. The problem is, everything checks out! I run XP Pro x86 SP3 and the machine has a Creative SB card. Device Manager says it's an SB Audigy w/ Driver v5.12.1.514, date 6/13/2007. There are no updates available. If I go to the Properties window for SB Audigy, I am shown SB Live! 24 bit. (Device Manager>Sound, video, and game controllers>SB Audigy>Properties>Properties Tab>Audio Devices>SB Live! 24 bit)
Finally, I ran MS Fix-it.exe for audio playback and the only problem it found was 'Audio Device Muted'. At any point, I can not find where there is anything muted. I have checked all sources. :??:
Any Sound experts out there who could lend some advice?
Thanks Much!
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  1. did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the sound card driver?
  2. Yes, danny2000, I did. However, there is some weirdness there. I can't find the correct driver. Went to pcpitstop and Creative downloads, got the right driver id, but my system won't accept the downloads, for some reason. This whole deal is kinda driving me nuts at the moment.
  3. Is it an onboard sound card or an expansion slot card?
    If it is an expansion card, I would pull out the card and look at the card for any model numbers/part numbers to verify that you are using the right driver for what is actually in the slot.
  4. Yep... that's next on the agenda. The drivers were the right ones for the card according to Device Manager- and everything checked out there. MS couldn't find a better driver either. I had put in a new HDD and clean OS install and installed all drivers. Please re-read my original post regarding the MS Fix-It.exe wizard. It reports that 'Audio Device is Muted', however I can't find any instance of any muting.
    Tomorrow I'll pull the card and have a look see. Again, Device Manager recognizes it and says it is fine(?)
  5. What card exactly!
    Audigy SE 7.1,Audigy 2 ?
    You have a legacy device btw.
    And clean the Creative drivers
    Download the newest drivers for your soundcard
    install as Admin.
  6. Quote:
    What card exactly!

    Audigy SE 7.1,Audigy 2 ?

    Hell, I don't know... I believe that I mentioned I was going to pull the card tomorrow and get to the root of this. All I know at this point is what Device Manager indicates. Do you want me to post some images of Device Manager and specific Device windows???... No problem, I will!

    I appreciate that driver-sweeper link. I have been looking for something of that nature.

    Device Manager

    SB Audigy Properties

  7. get a net to stop it dissapearing again, little bugger!
  8. Don't no why those Links went Code 403. We'll try again....

    Device Mgr

    SBAudigy Props

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