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Rate this Motherboard/CPU

I'm thinking about ordering this combo within the next day or so:

I mainly just want to play Rift without the CPU bottleneck. Apparently the engine that Rift is build on does not optimize well with AMD products; which is why I'm wanting to go with Intel now.

Is that a good deal? Can you find me a better deal? :)
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    It is an OK deal but I would go with I5 3570K over 2500K. Example The board comes with 2x4GB gskill ram for free.
  2. Where do you see the 2x4GB or RAM at on that newegg deal?

    Found it. Didn't realize it was listed on the motherboards page, and not the combo page. In relation to that, I chatted with newegg customer service just to make sure that the 8GB of RAM was included in the combo. It was.

    So, from what I can tell the deal you listed to me on Newegg is about $3 cheaper, but the CPU is slightly newer/faster. It comes with 8GB RAM instead of 4GB. The only thing I'm not sure of are the motherboards. I'm comparing the specs now. Any major advantages over a GIGABYTE or an MSI board?
  3. Will probably still go with the 2500k CPU. From what I can tell, the 2500k can be OC'd better; which will be nice for gaming (if I'll even need too). Plus, it comes with the 4GB DDR3.

    Unless better choices are given here soon.

    edit: Amended my previous message, and possibly my decsion of which board/cpu to buy. Still taking options though.
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  5. Sure the 2500k can be overclocked HIGHER, but the 3570k is faster, so it turns out as a wash. Why not go with the newer tech with more features?
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