Old Gaming Pc Overhaul

I would like to start by thanking everyone here for any help with my current problem. Also to bear with me and my limited knowledge, I have been out of the tech loop for about 5 years since I built this Pc.

I plan on overhauling my old gaming pc and I don't know what are the best products to buy to get the most out of my set up I have about $800 to spend

Pc Specs:
I have an Evga 680i Sli board, 4gb of corsair DDR2 XMS memory, Evga 8800GTX, corsair 850watt Ps, Intel Core 2 duo 6700, 320gb HD 7200

Upgrades So Far & money Spent:
2x 24" viewsonic monitor with 2x BFG GTX 275 $300 (friend upgraded and gave me a deal I could not turn down)
Windows 7 ultimate full version $50

Looking to buy:
CPU,Memory,Raptor Hard Drive (if someone could tell me what's the best of each of these my board could handle and is compatible)
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  1. Get an I5 2500k. Check out some g-skills ram. As far as your old cpu, ram, and mb sell it if you can. You will need to get a socket 1155 mb to go with you I5 and ddr3 ram. I wouldn't bother with a raptor drive get a ssd.
  2. Thanks for the input Chris but I would like to keep my board. I looked into the DDR2 ram and from what I see on the Evga site this board is a pain in the asset when it comes to getting the correct ram, also I see people saying they use 1300hz ram when from that I read it says it will only go to 800hz. Lastly about the ssd they are all compatible with the set-up I have?
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