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Which is better? 480amp SLI, 570 SLI or 6950 CF?

Becuause MW3 and Battlefiled3 is coming out soon, I want to buy new Desktop.

I know that CF is more efficient than SLI, but I'm not sure that 6950 CF is better than 570 SLI or 480amp.

In my short knowledge, if they are single,

480amp is almost same as 570 and 6950 is a little bit lower than others.

But CF is more efficient so 6950 CF is better than others?

What do you think about this guys?.......

If you have a chance to buy a new computer, which one you will choose?

plz help me.
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  1. GTX 570 SLI beats 6950 CF by FAR!

    Maybe you meant the 6970?
  2. Erm excuse me? I wish people wouldn't post rubbish without checking first.

    6950 crossfire beats 570 SLI by FAR!

    edit woops wrong slide :p
  3. Really? In "Enthusiast Index" charts whih posted on this homepage,

    570SLI scored 207 and 6950CF scored 201.

    Becuase of these scores, I questioned like this.

    If you are right, then 6970CF better than 570SLI?

    And there's one more question.

    Isn't Index score means VGA's performance?
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  5. God knows how tom's works out their "Enthusiast Index".

    The real answer is both are almost identical, buy the cheapest. The 6950's have very obvious benefits in power consumption as well meaning you'll need a less expensive psu.

    6970 crossfire crushes 570 sli and beats 580 sli on quite a few ocassions too.
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    eyefinity what the hack was with that chart you posted before your edit?

    chab2002 I would chose the gtx570 SLI even if it uses more power because, at list up until now nvidia drivers have bean generally more stable, but not always. Anyway the drivers for the 6k series video cards from AMD are also good.
  8. That showed the scaling of the cards. The 6-series scaling is just stunning in comparison to Nvidia's right now.,2865-9.html
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  10. gtx 570 sli by a long shot you dont want to deal with *** drivers from amd
  11. Funnily enough, toms disagrees. I'll quote...

    Any Radeon HD 6950 CrossFire solution beats any GeForce GTX 570 SLI configuration at 2560x1600, regardless of whether two or three cards are used. This is probably the only resolution in today’s test that really matters, since a single card will pass most tests at anything less.

    Things get ugly for Nvidia at 2560x1600. While a 67% performance gain for two-way and 112% gain for three-way SLI certainly aren't shabby, AMD’s 92% two-way and 145% 3-way gains put it in the winner’s circle.

    This, in spite of the fact that one of our games, Aliens vs. Predator, didn’t even benefit from the third AMD card.

    Let's have a look at efficiency...

    Oh dear that doesn't look good. Final quote?

    CrossFire came out with a huge overall scaling lead over SLI, and removing the one title that didn’t reflect that average would have made the lead even bigger. Superior scaling allowed two mid-priced Radeon HD 6950s to approximate the performance of two higher-cost GeForce GTX 570s, while three HD 6950s took the performance win over three GTX 570s.

    I'll keep it simple. You'd have to be brain dead to think Sli 570's were even a consideration vs Crossfire 6950's.
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