Bored rebuilding. advice?

Hey guys.

So I'm bored of my rig again, and it seems to be taking forever for the new generation of video cards to come around. I've decided to just do a partial rebuild to keep myself entertained, and wanted just to discuss some options.
Now i know this stuff has been covered before, i just fancied hearing some opinions.

My current rig is in my sig, and I will be keeping most components. I want to get rid of my crossfire setup, and get a single card (i will lose some performance here, but at least i should get more consistent performance), and i want to get a new case, and CPU cooler.

GPU wise, I'm stuck between a 6950 or a 560 ti. I've read just about every article i can find, and it seems like the 6950 is marginally better, but the 560ti overclocks better and is a little cooler. Here in NZ i can grab slightly overclocked versions for the same as reference designs, and both are exactly 400 NZD.

I'm swaying toward this one atm :

It seems to be nice and cool with good overclocking potential. My last 4 cards were ATI, so i feel like getting an Nv card again. I think that may be a stupid way to decide on the card though...
One real reason I'd like the 560 is that I tend to stick with small cases, and its a smaller card that would work better in the case i have in mind.

speaking of which, here is the case im looking at:

the mini p180 looks perfect for me, Its only slightly bigger than my current case but fits a full size CPU cooler (currently i have a scythe samurai zz, not ideal) and has more hard drive bays. I'm pretty much decided on the case, but I can't fine a definitive answer on whether it will allow a 560ti to be installed WITHOUT removing a hard drive cage. any opinions welcome on this front.

Lastly, the CPU cooler. NZ pricing makes it hard to just stick to regular reviews, as value is inconsistent. But I'm debating between a hyper 212+ plus for 50 NZD, a scythe Ninja for 80, or megahalems for 109 inc a fan.
All of these are going to be better than my current cooler, but i'm not sure its worth paying so much extra for anything more than the hyper 212+.

So, any discussion welcomed. waiting on the sale of my two 6850's before i make any purchases so let me know what y'all think.
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  1. I love my 6950, i chose it over the 560 ti because it does have better performance in most games. Although the 560ti was never really meant to perform with the 6950.
  2. The 560 ti is a short card . It should fit . Check the dimensions of a mb , and the length of the card .

    The ninja with the variable speed control is an awesome cooler . Much better than the the hyper 212 . Its a very good price in NZ for some reason .

    The Antec mini P180 is a good case . Its also not that small for an m-ATX unit .
    If you really want a small computer have a look at the
    Silverstone TJ08e
    [ just checked .. no one has stock ]

    One of the regulars here has one with a 2500k and a GTX 580 fitted
  3. Thanks for the responses. Yeah, i get the impression the 6950 is slightly better. however when overclocking is taken into account its much more even. Im still undecided, but am thinking of the 560ti just for a change. i know its a silly reason to pick a card, but i just fancy a change. still thinking on that one though.

    so this is much better than a 212+? worth the extra 30 bucks? there are a few versions so just double checking.

    thanks for the tip on that other case, i'm not a fan of the looks though. it does look handy, but i really love the looks of the p180.

    EDIT: and yup, finding NZ suppliers is often tough. we're far too isolated. I'm also in the process of picking parts for a HTPC and finding a decent case is nigh impossible.
  4. This one $70.67

    The fan will probably have to be orientated to blow UPwards, well thats how I had to mount mine in an m-ATX case . The speed control will let you tweak noise and temp levels .
    It should top out to be about 6-7 C cooler than the hyper 212
  5. Checking out some review now. will probably go for it though, so thanks for the help.

    Now to find a couple of silent fans that aren't extortionately priced...

    EDIT: hmm, looks like the stock fan is pretty quiet. could save me a little cash.
  6. You will never hear it gaming or at idle .

    maybe at boot and really heavy load
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