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MS-7597 Unlocking failure?

MSI - nf725gm p43 board, 4GB (2/2GB) Crucial Ballistix DDR3
Sempron 145 Sargas 2.8GHz Socket AM3 45W
Rest should not matter right? (using temp PSU and Case, stock HSF, and HD/Optical not installed yet.)

I attempted 2 times to unlock CPU core in bios.... and then it does not boot.

Am I missing something?

I did my research and got these units with the intent of basicly making a Phenom II x2 2.8ghz. So why the error?
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  1. not all cpus unlock. simple as that.
  2. So this is a hit and miss thing, shot in the dark, random dice roll chance at getting a CPU that has a 2nd core vs 1 core sold in the same packaging?

    Sounds odd to me...
  3. yes, that is why they also sell core cpus.

    if all cpus unlocked AMD would have no way of selling dual core cpus at a higher price.
  4. I looked in the compatible CPUs and I find this 145 sempron in the list. There is only one bios version available at this time. I see one possibility, that the Phenom II x2 that I would like this to become... the 2.8GHZ version... is not on the CPU list. Only the 3.0GHZ and higher work. So does that mean even tho I got a compatible CPU for this board... that the UNLOCKED potential is NOT compatible?

    Possibly. Looks like my research did not take that into consideration.

    And about your dual core unlock thing, I submitted an email to MSI about the CPUs inconsistently having 1 and 2 cores. Ill find out from the company first.

    Its more likely that I didnt check the unlocked CPU specs to make sure THIS board worked with it unlocked vs normal.

  5. 145s seem to be less likely to do tricks than 140s. My Sempy 140 :bounce:

    You are also using an nVidia chipset motherboard which adds little to your efforts. Your likelihood of success would be much higher with an AMD chipset motherboard.
  6. Is there a way to overclock the CPU in the bios, and then enable the core unlock setting at a faster speed, and get the machine to recognize the 3.0GHZ version of the CPU instead of 2.8ghz that it is set at? Would that tell the bios its the Phenom 3.0ghz overclocked or will it still say its a 2.8ghz set to a higher speed?

    Kind of a way to trick the machine, but I wont bother testing this on my own unless I know its going to work, since I am running stock cooler till I get the machine in the gaming setup I am building.
  7. If I understand your process, no such trickery exists or would be advantageous to you.

    And the Sempy 145 has a Regor design, meaning it has no L3 cache to unlock into a PhII Callisto processor. If it does unlock it will essentially function as a dual-core AthlonII.
  8. i my guess is he thinking if 1 part is disabled then surely there may be others that he can unlock 2 and end up with a phenom x4 980 off what is essentially a broken but recycled cpu... it wont essentially function like anything other than a dual sempy... ie short on instructions so if an app is using the latest say ss code or what ever the sempy will be left trying to do it on the x86 instructions.

    yes unlocking will give you more cpu power but be realistic. it will be pretty much just as slow at 2 tasks as it is at 1.
  9. Is that what the L3 cache benefits you with? better multitasking between cores?
    I didnt see the benefit of that, but im still trying to catch up with the tech lately.

    Last gaming machine I built was a Intel Core Duo. Like, 4 or 5 years ago.
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    A single-core Sempy at stock will have some issues in gaming. Over-clocked and unlocked to an AthlonII would be the way to go, if possible, and has enough grunt to handle most games along with background services.

    As a general rule of thumb, clock-to-clock, a PhII with L3 cache would mean a 10% bump in your frame rates over an AthlonII.
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