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Keep 1333 or trade up?

I've recently bought some g.skill Ares 16GB 1333 MHz RAM to go with my new build I am about to complete. I will be playing and streaming games such as WoW, CS:GO, BF3, and Metro 2033. After reading around forums on the internet (mostly tomshardware), I'm starting to wonder if I should RMA the 1333 and just get 8GB of 1600 or 1866 RAM. And just for the purposes of the question, forget the Newegg restocking fee for RMAs.

My specs are:
i5-3750k (for sure)
undecided mobo (which I still need help choosing)
XFX HD 6870
Zalman Z9 case

Also, if anyone would help me decide which mobo to get, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd prefer the option to OC fairly well, and a Z77 chipset. Not too picky beyond that. There are just too many DOA reviews for some of the popular boards for me to be comfortable deciding with one mobo just on Newegg reviews. The price range is preferably under $150, but can go over if I need to.
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    Couple of options on boards|13-131-823^13-131-823-TS%2C13-131-837^13-131-837-02%23
    Ram is not going to make all the difference but if you are planning to overclock alot then I would swap it for faster ram.
  2. I was actually looking at that first board and this MSI for my final decision.
  3. You can both SLI and crossfire on the Asus board.
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