Best battery for my system

Please help me pick a battery to get the maxmimum amount of time.
I'm confused why the the first one is cheaper, because it has better specs: lasts longer (more mah), and is lighter and smaller. Maybe newer technology?

$37.50 12 cells 7800 mah

The second one is heavier, so maybe it's better quality? And it has "new" in the title, whereas the first only has "new" listed as the item condition.
$57.99 12 cells 6600 mah
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  1. I wouldn't buy either of these imo. I work with a lot of lenovo machines, and probably 75% of people that come in with 3rd party batteries have some type of issue with them. I would get an actual HP battery and avoid these.

    They also seem to be completely different in that one of these is a slice style battery that attaches to the bottom of your machine, and the other fits in from the back.
  2. thanks for replying.
    Well, it's a battery for a $200 NC6400 laptop, regular price would be over $100.

    And I am also wondering if the first is compatible with NC6400, cause the first listing lists NX and NW models (i think earlier lines than NC with pentrium M processers instead of core 2 duo), but doesnt list NC.

    But the spec page ( for NC6400 lists ej092aa as a compatible battery, which both listings mention.
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