Upgrading from HD 4850

Hi everybody,

Quick question here. I wanna upgrade from my HD 4850 to get better framerates in games/future-proof my rig a little. I was thinking either of adding another 4850 and running them in Crossfire or just getting a new card. Here's my setup:

Sapphire HD 4580 w/512 MB DDR3
Gigabyte 790GX Mobo
8 GB DDR3 1600
Athlon II X3 Rana (oc'd to just a hair over 3GHz)
Antec 650W PS
POS monitor @ 1280x1040

So, I obviously don't need a card to pump out high resolutions due to my monitor. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. what is your price range
  2. to me it is better to get a new card rather than CF your current one. but i think it is a good idea to get monitor higher resolution as well. what is your intended budget?
  3. for your resolution. HD 6770, HD 6790, HD 6850.
  4. A HD 6770 will be more than enough at that resolution.
  5. Thanks everybody. Budget-wise, I would like to spend under $200. Renz, a new monitor is on the wish-list, but kind of secondary to the new card right now.

    I like the idea of a 6770; my only concern is that the 6770 could be something of a sidegrade. From what I've read, the 6770 is basically the 5770 repackaged, which, depending on the game, is marginally better than the 4870 (at best). The 4870 isn't too far off from the 4850. I guess I'm wondering if it would be worth the money to grab a 6770 or just wait a little while. Thanks for your input!
  6. the HD 6770 is still an upgrade over your HD 4850.

    and yes if you can wait save a little more and get the HD 6850 or if you can find HD 5850 Xtreme, get that. better than the HD 6850 and cheaper. these cards will be good in higher resolution if you upgrade your monitor in the future.
  7. Radeon 6870...fits your budget and can max out EVERY game at that resolution....though it might be an overkill. The HD 4850 should be perfect though....why do you need to upgrade?
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