Need to stream LIVE HD to HDTV, Recorder, and Japan.

Need to stream LIVE HD to HDTV, Recorder, and Japan.

I’ve a photo studio in orange county CA.

I want to stream live HD video footage from my camera to my house (100ft. away), a recorder and Japan (etc.). I was thinking that I may be able to have a computer in the studio and in the house with LAN cable and/or wireless internet connecting them.

I’m looking for the best ideas on making this happen. Video has to be better than an internet cam.

I have:
Canon 5D Mark II
Panasonic AG-HMC40 (friends)
A lot of PCs.
Wireless internet
100+’ LAN cables.

Are there live capture cards?
I would like to get this done for under $2,000.00

Thank You
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  1. Hey neighbor from the OC

    The best network connection from building to building is via cable at 1000Mb, 100Mb might be enough depending on the reset of the network usage. If you like to go wireless you should use a N network at 5Ghz.

    Here are two capture solutions

    How fast is your internet upload speed?
    What file format are you planning on using for streaming?
  2. I have Time Warner Digital Cable with the turbo upgrade. I'll try to test it later.

    I want to keep the signal digital.
    I've been looking at HDMI. I don't think I should use AV if I don't have to.

    I'd love to use H.264 codec and Have it look HD
    I can upgrade the internet and buy what's needed to convert to the best looking format.

    As long as it's not a $10k system.
  3. Does the TV have a ethernet connection?
    If not you can use a media center extender like a Linksys DMA2200 or 2nd generation XBox which could connect to Windows Media Center.
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