I need help about hardware to Setup mini ISP?

I want to setup mini ISP Please Guide me how can i do?
Required Hardware?
and all things that are requred
I'm Student so i don't have Basic Knowledge about it Kindly treat me as student
Thanks in advance
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  1. first, find an expert, it has to run 24x7.

    do you even know what an ISP does?
  2. yes i know little bit
  3. are you trying to run internet for a network or do you actually want an isp?
    I know nothing on how to run an isp but I'd guess it would require a lot. ISPs are big companies.
  4. we want to run mini-ISP
  5. Wait, what ? This seemed like a lolcat meme. Before starting calling things what they are not ( LAN party is not a mini-ISP, it is just a Lan party ). First and foremost two points :

    1 - What do you really want to do in you "ISP"
    2 - How much money you have ? BGP routers are expensive.
  6. ok, you need:
    a big fat pipe coming in
    a method for people to reach you, so either dial up, or access to the street level telephone boxes that each households cable goes to
    a method of distrbuting your big fat pipe to all of the people that have signed up, hardware and software
    a means of billing them
    a means of tracking usage
    a means of hiring and paying your staff
    a means of running your accounts
    trained people to touch the telephone boxes or a really good relationship with state level telephone providers.

    and thats just from guessing what they do, if you can't figure that out for yourself, don't touch it with a barge pole.
  7. Only the cost of ATM nodes, BGP routers and Fiber Switches.....and deplying that is mind boggling. Not even thinking of legislation and local laws.

    Another idea is that you can start making WIFI antennas with sardine cans. Forget IEEE standarts and amp it up !
  8. I forgot that, a huge wedge of cash.
    Yes, a wifi network with repeaters scattered in friendly locations, but then they are subject to being interferred with both from the point of view of signal and hacking. The bottle necking would be potentially interesting.
  9. The 2.4Ghz spectrum is "free". And in the end it is L2 Networking. Bottlenecks ? Sardine can antenas are cheap and support WPA2 ! A DC with MS-Chap on it and it is safe !

    Sardine cans can get you 15 Kms range, then they implode in righteous fire. Better cut used fire extinguishers in half and yagi them. i bet you could do 100 Kms with enough amps. Better to plug them directly to the national grid. But try not to pay that cost too.
  10. I was thnking that the routers that are connected to the actual internet connection would end up with the traffic from many users going through them. This might create some interesting topographys.
  11. Actually, isn't that much. A used C2600 with a basic IP IOS would do the trick. You would need a DMZ and a DNS and Proxy server as gateway. I would suggest some RDP apps too so it wouldn't overload the "LAN". I would suggest server 2008 R2 cause you could use WSUS, File Services, RDP and much more to try to keep it local.

    The greatest challenge would be L2 Networking. Maybe some DD-WRT routers and a very good wifi AP in the "home" ? Our OP seems MIA, or just ADHD.

    It would be a fun thing to do ! I bet he just wants to share internet to his neighbors friends.
  12. The sharing sounds about right. Judging by time of first post its getting close to end of day.
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