Out with the old 8500GT

What would be a cheap replacement for an aging XFX 8500GT? What about a HD 5450?
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  1. if you want replys youre going to need to show your resolution and your specs
  2. what do you mean by cheap........
  3. Max res 1920 X 1080. Any gaming can be run at reduced res and settings. Actually, this particular computer is not used for gaming. Its the wife's. Q6600, 4 gig DDR2 800. Its actually an ASUS SLI board but I'm thinking even an HD 5450 would outperform an 8500GT. Let's say $50 USD. I see 5450 for 45.
  4. you should get a 6450 there are around $40-50 . most 5450 only have 512mb of memory while the 6450 have 1gb .
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