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Hello brothers,

I have a problem that may be some of you can help me out with. I own a 5750 running on a Tacens supero 500w psu with four 12v rails with 18 amps each. the 5750 runs pretty good and i never had any problem with this psu. Now I am planning to upgrade my gpu to a 6950 which has 500w as minimum requirement. I have heard people say that a 500w psu wont be enough to run this gpu adequately, the problem is my budget does not allow me to put any extra expense for a new psu if I buy a 6950. The other option I have considered is to go for a 560ti amp version which has comparatively lesser power consumption but again I am not so sure. So please help me decide...is my psu strong enough for a 6950??? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

additional info: my cpu- phenom ii 965 be
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  1. i cant find your psu specs anywhere i think you're better of getting a 6870 with a 600w psu and crossfiring it later.
  2. hasten said:
    It would be close. Power supply requirements are usually overstated though. For example, for about a year I ran sli GTX 260s on a 600w OCZ with a decent overclock and never ran into issues. I was pushing it though.

    I plan on getting a 6950 for my current build which will run a 1090t at as high clock as it will allow and will use a 550w psu... You're likely safe, but I'm not familiar with Tacens or their build quality. A solid 500w psu should have no issues running a 6950.

    Thanks for your input bro, I have read it many times people saying that a low power psu might get damaged or may damage your gpu though I myself find such requirements overstated as you said, I just have to make sure. Tacens is a descent brand and I bought it for 65 usd 6 months ago, I'm confused about the amperage though, as I said it has four 12v rails with 18 amps each. So is it good enough for a 6950?!!

    Another thing is that I am considering 560ti amp version which is the same price as the 6950, some say its not as powerful as a 6950, is it true? Thansk again for helping me out :)
  3. hasten said:
    6950 is a little faster, I read a direct comparison of the two cards and it was edging the 560 ti by 3 - 5 FPS at high resolutions. But on the other hand Nvidia has physx and much better drivers. Either way you go it's going to be solid. The main reason I am going 6950 is my board is only crossfire capable, so if I get a wild hair down the line and want to fire in another I can.

    You state that you were told that the 560 ti has lower power consumption and I think that may be incorrect. After doing a little research I found that on equal test setups, using furmark for 100% load the 560 ti total system consumption was 352w while the 6950 system was only drawing 308w. I don't know if that helps or hurts...

    Finally regarding your multi rail psu, are you sure that it is 4 rails at 18a each? That sounds like a 600w power supply's specs.

    Then I'll go for the 6950 I think and yes it is a 4 rail psu with 18a each, check out the image below

    So can I take it as safe and sufficient to run the 6950? Thanks for helping me out bro, appreciate it.
  4. Finally I'm content, thanks to you brother, you really helped me make the right decision...CHEERS!! :)
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