No RAM beeps, fans, lights...NOTHING??!

Trouble-shooting a PC that wont POST. We just found out that the DDR3 we were using wasnt supported by the mobo. However, instead of driving 45mins to Microcenter and swapping, I was wondering something.

Why wont it at least boot to the beep codes? I thought that even with NO ram installed, some fans should turn, lights come one, etc, all the way until it beeps.....NO? Do some mobo's not show a single sign of power if there is no ram installed?

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    It should beep (requires motherboard speaker) if no ram. If the board has DDR3 ram slots 99.999..% change that the ram should work even if it is not on the QVL list. Looks more like you have board or power issue.
    New build?
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