Screen goes blank fans and case lights stay on

Hi all,

I've been having this problem for a while now where my screen goes black without a blue screen and my system is unresponsive (i.e. caps lock key doesn't make a beep when pressed). However, my PC fans and case lights remain on.

This happens when I'm playing games, watching movies or just when my PC is in idle. It happens maybe once or twice a week at random times.

I have to hard power off by pressing the power button for 10 seconds to reboot the machine (restart button doesn't work).

When my PC starts back up again I get a error shut down message asking if I want to start in safe mode and a Kernal Power message in the event log. I'm aware that this is a vague error and usually could mean anything.

I've run memtest and my memory seems to be fine. My PSU seems to be stable. I'm sure software error, memory, hard drive and CPU would create a blue screen. Which leaves the motherboard and graphics card.

My system specs:
i7 920
Asus Rampage II Extreme
bfg geforce 295gtx
6 gig ocz DDR3 Ram
Windows 7 64bit
OCZ SSD Vertex 3 hard drive
No overclock in place

Update: Just happened again with a sound loop whilst trying to play Left for Dead 2. I've swapped out the graphics card to see if it does it again...

Any ideas?


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  1. A bad hard drive doesn't typically produce a blue screen and nothing like this. Since the ram tested fine and the cpu can't be the cause unless overclocked and unstable. The psu is usual suspect but it continued to provide some power after the event. Try a different card and see if things change as the gtx 295 is known for having issues time to time.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks.. forgot to mention I'm using a Solid State drive. I've swapped out the graphics card for a mid-range ATI card. Will see if I get the same issues.
  3. The SSD will have nothing to do with it. I got one and have been using it for page file. When they go apps like to crash but not whole system. If the machine is stable all the way through with the ati card then it is likely either the gtx 295 or the psu.
  4. Wouldn't it make more sense that it's the graphics card rather than the PSU... If it was the PSU then it would only go once the card starts to produce heavy load but it tends to go in idle as well where power consumption is likely to be low. Correct me if I'm wrong!

    thanks again
  5. Just being safe now remember that but I suspect the card more than any thing else.
  6. If I see smoke from the PSU ill let you know :D

    I've been on the new graphics card for just over 12 hours now and no crash yet! I'll report back in a couple days.

    thank's all for your help!
  7. If you don't mind could you give us an update on your computer if it's still doing the same thing? Because mine is having that exact issue right now.
  8. I am having a similar random issue with my brand new gtx 680. just started another thread about it. This did not happen when I used my GTX 480.

    My question is,

    What drivers are you using,
    my pc screen goes black and the pc reboots super slow, but with no video signal - is yours doing that or just locking up?
    If you look in windows event manager after it happens does it display a critical error? if so what is the error code?

    edit, just noticed that this thread is like a year and a half old.
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