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I am going to do a new PC build this fall but have a great runniing 939 AMD Opteron 2.7 ghz system at the moment. It has a 3850 AGP 512 card. I would like to have a back up in case it fails...would he HIS 4670 HD 1024 AGP be the best replacement? Thanks in advance. JMD
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  1. Actually, performance would be lower, but if anything fails, you could use the HD 4670.
  2. What you got is the cream of the crop when it comes to agp cards except for the very rare 3870 agp. Better overall fill rates and memory bandwidth. If you want something better then it is time to upgrade the board, cpu, and ram.
  3. The 3870 certainly must have been rare!! I can't even seem to find who made them let alone find one to buy!

    Can anyone tell me who made these "limited edition" cards?

    Also was there ever a 3850 with 1024 mg of ram?

    Yes the 3850 is a fine card for its type. Actually running Witcher 2 at above moderate settings and it looks great. I know I’ve hit the glass ceiling and am currently working on a new build configuration.

  4. They pop up on eBay once a month to every few months but they are getting harder to find every day.
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